Access Control and Door Entry Solutions


Stablishing physical access to areas of a building or any property is essential to the everyday operation of most businesses, organizations and residential buildings. From “Staff Only” signs to cutting edge credential systems, you depend on trustworthy access control that works every time, all the time. Our access control systems in Securevive can provide that for you.

Door Entry


Electronic access systems can provide many solutions to restricting access depends on layers of safety and security. Several different methods can be applied as well, from a simple magnetic strike on a card to high-tech scans and biometric physical features like fingerprints and face recognition. The system can also inform monitoring center of whose credentials were used, if entry successful or not, even how long the door was open (and possibly sound an alarm if a doorway is open for too long).

Our access control service features

Security and convenience with a Access Control System from Securevive


Simply present your card or finger print and the door unlocks
no need to search through a ring of keys


 Restrict access to a door to only specific groups or schedules allow access only during certain hours for specific groups


Quality equipment & professional installation
three (3) year equipment and labour warranty included with all installations

Easy to use

We install Access Control Systems that are easy to use.
active directory integration available for simple database managements


Know exactly what day and time a user accessed a specific door.
Search event archives by dates or by users


 Restrict access to a door to only specific groups or schedules allow access only during certain hours for specific groups

Instantly remove access

Instantly revoke access if a card or fob is stolen eliminating risks to the building.
No need for re-pining of locks whenever a key is misplaced

Access anytime

IP based Access Control Systems allowing you to access the system from the office, home or other side of the world

Secure installation

Designed to stand up against vandalism.
installation techniques that conceal all cables for a secure and clean appearance

Complete solutions

Including locksmithing and electric strike installation.
We provide a complete Access Control solution for a turnkey installation


The included back up battery allows our systems to continue to operate even when there is power loss.
With a local database on each panel, our system continues to function even on network loss

Smart designs

Access Control points at the right places to secure your facility.
Equipment from the right manufacturer for your applications