Security Consultation Services

Security system consulting is a very important to create a series of progressive steps starting with an effective assessment of security risk at your properties. Risk analysis identifies project requirements and conceptual security system design. Concepts are applied to your home, building or office.

Securevive provides consulting services and security assessments for both physical security concerns and electronic security systems such as security cameras and access control systems.

Physical Security Assessments


Through an audit of your property, Securevive will be able to identify threats and vulnerabilities, therefore, offers solutions for the property regarding physical concerns.

The physical security assessment will include:

  • Identification of general and specific security concerns
  • Risk assessment to determine strengths, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities
  • Review of security policies and procedures
  • Review of scope of work on service agreements
  • High level analysis of current security systems
  • Provide solutions for any findings

Electronic Systems Security Assessments

The electronic systems security assessment will include:

Evaluation of current security systems including:

  • Documentation of current hardware and software requirements of all electronic security systems including CCTV, Access Control, etc.
  • Analysis of the performance and lifecycle of the current system including potential maintenance concerns

Provide recommendations for any findings including:

  • Integration of current electronic systems with improved technology
  • Remote security services concerns (e.g., viewing CCTV offsite)