Fever Screening System


Since Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is spreading rapidly over the world, Securevive would like to introduce you the fever screening technology which is helpful and practical in detecting fever suspects with high speed and confidence based on body temperature.


Fever Screening System

Fever Screening System

1. How does it function?

This system includes a thermal imager, thermal reference source (TRS), CPU and display monitors as the picture below:

Fever Screening System

Fever Screening System


When someone passes the TRS, the thermal imager which is pre-adjusted to focus on face and neck area will capture the radiation energy which is then processed continuously by CPU and displayed on the monitors. The temperature scale is shown by colour code in the increasing colour from BLACK, BLUE, GREEN , YELLOW to RED. If that person’s temperature is above the preset standard temperature of TRS, his or her image will appear reddish on the monitor.

Fever Screening System

Fever Screening System


2. Advantages of fever screening system:

  • Safe: non-contact
  • Fast: only 1 second to detect temperature
  • Convenient: multi-person detection
  • Smart: application of AI detection to increase confidence level as well as reduce false results affected by other heat objects.


3. Applications:

  • Security gates at airports
  • Check points at railway station
  • Entrance of building, office, etc.



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