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Today, in addition to routine features, the need for integrated management and control of equipment is felt in modern homes, so using home-based intelligent systems can complement a modern home. Buildings that can easily control the economic, lighting, audio, heating and cooling systems, security, irrigation and other equipment by creating an integrated, convenient, safe, intelligent, and economically integrated system. Securevive Intelligent House is a professional and experienced company ready for cooperation in the areas of consulting, design, supervision, equipment provision, installation and comprehensive solutions for building intelligence.

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We are right next to you to make the right decision on choosing the best energy efficiency and intelligence solution. With the various solutions we offer you, you can get more information about the various systems and choose the best solution to your needs and desires.

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From procurement to supplying equipment, from installation to support, from project monitoring to energy auditing … If your solution is unique, we will tailor it to fit your needs. We will design your project in accordance with your budget and requirements. Comprehensive intelligent service optimization with the best products in the world!

Smart Home and Smart Building products

If you are looking for quality, standard and affordable products, we will provide you the best products available in the world at the best possible price, and we will tailor the best choice for your Smart Home or Smart Building.
Our team is ready to provide all intelligent home services.

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In the smart home, you can control your lighting system, heating system, pool temperature, turning on and off the home security system and everything you want with your mobile or laptop in your home or outside.