System Design


Security system design is a process that clients can control over the access and safety of assets by a coordinated and prioritized approach in terms of electronic and physical security design. Securevive security system designers work with architects, and engineers to incorporate the security into the overall facility or campus design. Clients will have security solutions based on the value of the assets, flexible, efficient and cost-effective.

Producing a very well-designed security system needs an understanding of our client’s culture, type of operations and expectations so that we can recommend and write very best specific devices, create drawings, develop request for proposal, evaluate solutions, and commission projects which meets the client’s needs and expectations. Securevive will always work with you in order to stablish a seamless and effective security system from A to Z that protects your organization and assets.

Securevive provides security system design for all kind of needs such as system upgrades, new installations in existing facilities, installations in buildings in design or under construction, and in conjunction with a security threat assessment.

Our System Design services include:


  • Security Master Planning and Development
  • Security Systems Technical Assessment and Review
  • Security Product Evaluations
  • Security Systems Design
  • CAD and Design Support
  • Security Systems Request-For-Proposal (RFP) Development
  • Security Systems Project Management
  • Security Systems Testing, Validation, and Commissioning


When working for an architect or engineer on new construction, Securevive coordinates designs with related components, including door hardware, electrical, fire and life safety, landscaping, and lighting. When working directly for a client who will be the end-user of the system, Securevive coordinates designs with IT, facilities, and other departments or divisions as needed.
Once designed, a security system does not stand alone but must be managed correctly.


Design is only one step in the process. Once the design is complete, Securevive can work with you to develop a bid package, select a security system integrator/installer, and manage the project through construction, commissioning, and acceptance. Securevive provides the subject matter experts to support the customer throughout the project at whatever level is appropriate.
The ultimate goal is to produce a final system that is installed correctly and functioning as designed.


Security should control and protect assets, not disrupt effective and efficient operations. That is why Securevive looks at an organization’s culture, security philosophy, and operations when determining the appropriate technology to recommend. This requires a comprehensive security program that encompasses the people, processes, and technology of the organization. In some cases, an operational solution is more effective and less expensive than a technological solution.
Technology is only one component of effective security.